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How to Make a Hanging Gallery Wall


I live in a rental property. The number of pictures I can hang is limited (No gallery wall in my flat). So, I needed to find a different solution to hang my family photos. Wall space was off the limits. I thought of different ways of displaying them. They were too small to put them on the floor.  Putting them on the window ceils means high risk of knocking them over because I am continually clumsy.

I put every picture I could on sideboards and shelves.  Now, I needed something to display my not quite embellished Ikea Picture frames. Then I remembered a gift I was given some years ago. It was two picture frames fastened to a pole with some screw eyes and ribbon.

When we moved furniture around in our living room, I found the solution. It is a curtain rail we do not use because the window is too narrow to put a curtain on it. But it is there, so, why not use it?

Here is what I used:

-  Frames (the ones I used were from Ikea)

-  Screw eyes

-  Ribbon

-  Paint


How I made the hanging gallery wall:

First, I lay down every frame the way I wanted to hang them. Then I marked the screw placement on all frames, so they are as centred and equally spaced as possible. Ideally, all of them sit exactly underneath each other. That was the ribbon will hang straight down.

Then I put the screw eyes in.

As the frames are coated, I would suggest priming the frames. I had some trouble getting the acrylic paint to stick to the frame and provide coverage. I used black paint because of the contrast I wanted to create, and other colours just do not fit my living room colours.

 To tie them together I use some ribbon. I was thinking about Jute cord as well, but I think a bit of a broader line to connect than a cord struck more with my style and how I wanted the hanging frame to look like.


How you could variate a hanging gallery wall

With jute, macrame or any other cord, you could create a very pretty, vintage, shabby chic kind of look perhaps bind some flowers and use some used or vintage effect paint.


You could hang the pictures from a simple wooden dowel. Or you could use an old branch or even driftwood would look cute.  It could be hung from a ribbon or cord. You could bind it around the wood or put some screw eyes in to fasten it to. In any case, I would put the screws in or bind the ribbon in the far ends to balance the structure better.

It is a straightforward DIY that really makes a difference. Most time it takes to make it is for the paint to dry.

What is your most creative way of displaying pictures?

I would love to read about your thoughts in the comments!

If you created a hanging gallery wall yourself, do not forget your creation on Instagram with the hashtag #craftjournaler

Feel free to roam about and find more ideas on this blog. How about suitcase tables?

Until I see you next time remember: Keep colourful and craft more :-)