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Craft: How to Make a Button Necklace

I love buttons. I love them so much, that I wear them.  And while buttoned blouses and skirts are part of my wardrobe. I am more of a jewellery kind of girl. Most button jewellery as statement pieces. I have some statement button jewellery, which I adore. But sometimes statement jewellery is a bit much. So, I started making more subtle button jewellery. The idea was to still wear buttons but making them look like a pearl necklace. I wanted a simple, perhaps even minimalistic piece of jewellery with buttons. And I wanted more than a button on a string or a chain.

There had to be some middle ground. Not too many buttons and not just one either.

With the technique, I use for button hearts and some basic jewellery making skills, I came up with this Craft. Like with the button heart the buttons will not flip around. And because I use wire for the necklace will keep its form and not move around.

I received so many compliments for my necklaces and made many for friends and family. Because you can choose the buttons you use the options are endless. Your necklace can be bright and colourful or laidback or classic. Why not incorporate vintage buttons, buttons from your (grand-)parents or buttons from beloved old dresses?

This is an easy and quick project. One necklace takes me less than half an hour to make.

But the result is simple, yet impactful.

Here is what you need for your button necklace with a length of about 40 cm (16”)

-wire (diameter 0,4mm or less) about 1,25 meters





-lobster clasp

-adjustment chain

How to make a button necklace

 First of I fold the wire in half and secure this end of the necklace with a crimp bead and a clamp. Then I put the first bead down on both wires.

From here I alternate button - bead, button - bead and so on.

The buttons of the necklace are put on the wire the same way they are in the button heart hanger.

A 2-whole button


A 4-whole button


I alternate buttons and beads until my necklace has the needed length. The last item on the necklace should be a bead.

Then I put the clamp and the crimp bead on and close both. After trimming the wire down I fix the lobster clasp and the adjustment chain to the clamps on either side of the necklace.

That is it.

 It is such a versatile and quick craft. The variations are literally endless. Check out my Instagram for some inspirations!

Have you already tried to make a button heart hanger? What is your favourite piece of jewellery?
I would love to read about your thoughts in the comments

If you created button necklace yourself, do not forget your creation on Instagram with the hashtag #craftjournaler

Feel free to roam about and find more ideas on this blog. How about some more jewellery ideas?

Until I see you next time remember: Keep colourful and craft more :-)