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Working with Epoxy Resin: My Experience as a beginner

Epoxy Resin, for the longest time, had this mysterious veil for me. I was intrigued to test it. Yet, I was afraid to for fear of mixing it wrongly or creating irreparable damage. Eventually, I ventured out to try casting Epoxy Resin. Mostly because my feed was flooded with all sorts of things people created with it.  Of course, the first thing I made with resin was jewellery. You might have noticed that I have an affinity for jewellery making. I create other things, but home d├ęcor does not have the same pull on me that jewellery day has. Most of my random ideas in my craft journal are jewellery related. Of course, I am trying to broaden my interest. But jewellery comes with more intrinsic motivation most of the times.

So here is what I learned so far:

Preparing the Mixture

In one of my recent blog posts, I talked about how crafting helped me develop patience. When preparing the Epoxy-Resin For mixture, it will take some time to thoroughly mix the resin and the hardener. When this is done properly, I dared to put in pigment to give the mixture some colour and other additives like glitter and gold leaves.  I also add them in little steps to achieve the opacity and density of the glitter particles that I am exactly after.  It’s not a quick process. It takes a little time to get right. But taking the time is worth it.


Casting the Epoxy Resin

It is so tempting casting the Epoxy Resin mixture straight from the cup-like the people on Pinterest videos do. However, with some forms of the more intricate forms in the moulds that I used. I ended up with major air bubbles. There is a reason that most kits come with a pipette, and when I used it, the number of bubbles around the corners and edges went down dramatically. Also, I experienced fewer spillovers which I needed to wipe away quickly or cut away and sand when it’s dry. Doing that is a real piece of work, which, I think everyone understands, I like to avoid if I can.


Letting it dry and working with it after

The hardest thing when letting the cast Epoxy Resin dry, for me, is not to fiddle around with what is inside the resin.  I need to trust that what I was planning for my crafts is working out. I need to wait until the resin is fully set and dried before taking it out of the mould.

Working with epoxy resin is no quick craft. It will take some time. But the result is well worth it.

Have you worked with Epoxy Resin? What have you created?

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