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Craft: Jewellery Simple Netted Necklace

This netted bead necklace pattern has been with me my entire crafting journey. My first dips into crafting were with jewellery making. I strung some beads on a string and I was hooked. Granted, my repertoire of techniques has certainly expanded. But putting beads on a string makes for a quick craft with very pretty re…

DIY and Upcycle Suitcase Table

In the process of decorating my craft room, I thought hard about ways to store my current knitting and craft projects. There is an abundance of project storage inspiration only, but I was not so keen on the traditional baskets and sewing boxes. As my craft room must work as an office and guest room at the same time,…

Craft: How to make cute handmade button hearts

I remember the first time my fascination for buttons flared up. It was my mum’s button jar that I would regularly open it to inspect the beautiful spare buttons collected over the years. Ever since I have a fascination with buttons. They are my favourite objects to craft with. One of my most done crafts is button hear…