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How to Make Earrings. Easy and Quick


First time I started crafting beyond sticking glue together I made jewellery. It, of course, started with stringing beads and adding clasps and jump rings on the ends. Over time my techniques developed and became more elaborate. I enjoyed making earrings. They are my favourite piece of jewellery. I have many more of them than I can possibly wear. But I do not have enough. Do you know this conundrum?

With my increasing knowledge about all types of jewellery findings I was able to make more and more jewellery and many different types of earrings. Making jewellery seems to belong and complicated process at first. But the 3 types of earrings I am going to show you are so easy to make and quick. I think starting on these, you will get hooked into jewellery making.

Know which findings you need to make earrings:

There are many earring findings you can use. I chose those finding that you will most likely find in jewellery making kits.


They are ideal for charms. I added a drop-shaped bead to mine here. Because the bead does not leave much wiggle room in the hook, I think this combination makes for a nice organic looking earring.



When thinking of hoops, we never really think of more than just hoops. Have you ever thought about decorating your hoops with beads and charms? On these hoops, I just added a simple black wire bead. I think it adds a little statement to otherwise normal boring hoops.



I like working with plates. With a little bit of glue, you can make so many different earrings. I chose to glue buttons on the plates this time. Bottle caps work, too.


What kind of earrings are you usually wearing?

I am looking forward to reading your comments.

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Feel free to roam about and find more ideas on this blog. How about some more jewellery ideas?

Until I see you next time remember: Keep colourful and craft more :-)