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How many magazines have you scoured and websites opened to find your next project?

I have been there bought every magazine I could get my hand on, looked at every possible website to find a new idea, some inspiration for a new project.  There seems to be one magazine for every craft and DIY in this world.  So, I ended up with 10 magazines at a time one about card making, one about crocheting and so on.  

Overwhelmed by the amount of single niche crafting magazines, I started searching for websites and magazines that offer ideas one more than just one craft. There are some but not many.  
This website is supposed to be a place where you can find craft and DIY ideas from all kinds of areas. One place for many Craft and DIY ideas. 

Hello, my name is Anna Coleman. I love crafting and scouting for any new idea trying new crafts and learning to create many more items of home decore, fashion and more. 

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