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How to Make Earrings. Easy and Quick

First time I started crafting beyond sticking glue together I made jewellery. It, of course, started with stringing beads and adding clasps and jump rings on the ends. Over time my techniques developed and became more elaborate. I enjoyed making earrings. They are my favourite piece of jewellery. I have many more of…

Why Should You Start Crafting Now?

With the start of the pandemic, what was starting to be a major trend anyway got even bigger. I am not talking about Selfcare. Although, I would argue, there is a strong case for crafting to be a form of self-care. Have you started a craft, yet? Which one? There are multiple reasons to start crafting. Granted, i…

How to Make a Hanging Gallery Wall

I live in a rental property. The number of pictures I can hang is limited (No gallery wall in my flat). So, I needed to find a different solution to hang my family photos. Wall space was off the limits. I thought of different ways of displaying them. They were too small to put them on the floor.   Putting them on th…

Craft: How to Make a Button Necklace

I love buttons. I love them so much, that I wear them.  And while buttoned blouses and skirts are part of my wardrobe. I am more of a jewellery kind of girl. Most button jewellery as statement pieces. I have some statement button jewellery, which I adore. But sometimes statement jewellery is a bit much. So, I started …