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Craft: How to make Flower Hoop Earrings

The other day, I reviewed some ideas in my craft journal and developed craft projects with flowers.

And I remembered having had this idea coming across all those prettily arranged flower hoops on Pinterest. I imagined how gorgeous they would look as earrings. So, I put them aside as a craft project for another time.

What I used for flower hoop earrings.

There were multiple options to add flowers to a hoop. For a time, I considered making flowers and blossoms with polymer clay. At this point, I can’t get them nice enough to display on earrings, and then there is the question of putting the flowers on the hoop. Most artificial flowers are fastened to a wire, which you can quickly wrap around the hoop and connect other decorations without wire to the hoop.

So, I went to Hobbycraft and bought a selection of artificial flowers, paper embellishments and beads. Not to forget leaves and all sorts of foliage to fill.

Jewellery findings proved a little more challenging. I had the choice between hoops you can directly wear and hoops that need to be fastened to a hook or a pole. As I had some hoops that needed to be put on a pole, I primarily used these.

In addition, I used some super glue and some PVA glue to fix and add embellishments and flowers that did not have any wire or that I could not add to the hoop with a wire.

So, here is the shopping list:

- hoops 

- studs or fish hooks

- jewellery wire 

- artificial and paper flowers

-beads, buttons, embellishments

- all-purpose or super glue

How I made the flower hoops.

I started with the foliage parts and left some wire to incorporate anything that did not have a wire. That proved to be quick and easy. Because the wire was a stable connection, I didn’t need glue for most of my designs. So, the process was not messy, and I did not need time and space for glued flowers to dry. I used PVA glue for some paper embellishments. I am not keen on using superglue because everything primarily sticks to my fingers rather than the intended surface. When I used beads, I put them on the hoop first and then added the wired foliage and flowers. I put the wires through and around the beads to fasten them to the intended spot. I also hid the wires in the bead holes when I finished, hiding the ends and adding stability to the structure.

To finish, I use a jump ring to connect the flower hoop to a fishhook or a pole stud. Any is fine. However, a fishhook adds considerable length to the earring. So, consider getting pole studs with a loop to keep them from lying on your shoulder.

This is such a cute craft for weddings. They could complement the bridesmaid’s outfits quite prettily, and incorporating your wedding flower and some bling is easy. Paired with a romantic updo, these earrings could add the final touch. I am just so in love with this idea!

What kind of earrings are you usually wearing?

I am looking forward to reading your comments.

If you created a flower earring yourself, do not forget to tag me on Instagram @annascraftjournal

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Until I see you next time, remember: Keep colourful and craft more :-)