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Craft: How to Make Tassel Earrings

I spent so much time during the last year browsing for crafting ideas. I saw a picture of a Joe Malone perfume bottle with a tip-dyed tassel. This was when inspiration struck. I had seen ombre tassel earrings before. But this picture made me want to wear them. But not only that. I tried to make them. I want to share my process with you now that I have created a couple of more or less successful rounds. Making the tassel earrings is relatively easy, albeit lengthy and messy. But we all can do with that pop of colour and splash of fun. And most importantly, this craft will result in a show-stopping pair of handmade earrings, your personal pair, to be proud of.

The material you need for the tassel earrings

-white embroidery thread
(one I sometimes use that works well is DMC White Pear Cotton Thread Size 12; I got it from Hobbycraft)
-dye in a colour of your choice
(I am using Dylon from Henkel in the colour red tulip; A lot of eyeballing and tweaking was involved. If you use something different, you should also try a little.)
-pinch of salt
(between 50 and 100 ml)

in addition to tools and help

A piece of cardboard slightly longer than you want your tassel to be
-glass container 
(I like to use the desert cups that come with more expensive desert-like Gü for this purpose)
-Thing to stir
-Skewer or thin dowel

Making the tassels for earrings

Step 1: Make the tassel

This step is pretty straightforward. I wrap the yarn around the piece of cardboard until I achieve the intended strength (For me, it is about 25 wraps) and tie the strands together with a cut-off piece of yarn.

Step 2: Dying the tassels to create an ombre look

Mix one teaspoon and a pinch of salt with 50-100 ml of boiled water.
Put the tassels on a skewer or thin dowel. Prop the skewer up so only the bottom tips of the tassel are submerged in the dye. The colour will soak up and dye half of the tassel easily, so there is no need to put more in than the tips.
Let it sit for 10 minutes, and wash it out thoroughly. 
(Please follow the instructions on the package)

If you took them off to wash the tassels, put them back on the skewer and prop them up (I used espresso cups) to let them air dry.

Assembling the tassel earrings

What you need 

- end caps
- jump rings
- studs
- fish hooks
- all-purpose or super glue

You can tie the tassel with a loose thread and use a jump ring to connect it with a stud or fish hook. 
But I prefer using endcaps for a tidier look. 
That said, putting the tassel into the endcap is fiddly. So here is my method to avoid frustration.

I put a dot of glue into the cap. Be careful; only a drop. If you spill the glue, the tassel starts sticking on your fingers rather than the end cap.
You can guide the tassel into the end cap using a clean wooden skewer or chopstick. Hold it for a couple of seconds so the bond can set.
A jump ring connects the tassel to the stud or fish hook.

Finishing touches to elevate your tassel earrings

Do you have some ideas for making your tassel earrings unique? Here we go:

Add some vintage buttons for a pop of colour and texture.
Use beads or pearls echoing the colours in the tassel to give your earrings an elegant touch.

Which Ombre colour do you like most? Let me know in the comments.

If you created a tassel earring yourself, do not forget to tag me on Instagram @annascraftjournal

Feel free to roam about and find more ideas on this blog. How about some more jewellery ideas?

Until I see you next time, remember: Keep colourful and craft more :-)