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DIY and Upcycle Suitcase Table


In the process of decorating my craft room, I thought hard about ways to store my current knitting and craft projects. There is an abundance of project storage inspiration only, but I was not so keen on the traditional baskets and sewing boxes. As my craft room must work as an office and guest room at the same time, something more like a side table had to be found. It was then, as I roamed the local antique store that the idea struck me. I saw the most beautiful red suitcases. There is an abundance of suitcase table inspiration on Pinterest. So, I bought them to create multi-use suitcase tables.


Getting the Material

Coming home, I immediately assessed my purchase. Both suitcases were made of cardboard. This meant some issues with their stability could occur if I just put them on legs. I found the solution to this problem on YouTube as one crafter used a sheet of plywood to reinforce the bottom structure of her suitcase table.  This solution though would be a little too heavy for the lid of the suitcase lid. As the suitcase lid was too wobbly to function as a tabletop on its own, I purchased some thick cardboard. This is a lighter alternative to plywood and proofs to be equally as stable in the end. The kind of legs was more of a style issue to me. Some table legs are easier to install than others. However, as my desk rests on hairpin legs, I decided that the suitcase table legs will do so, too. This saves me time finding the right wood colour or, stain to keep the coherent look of the room.  To give the inside of the suitcases a renewed cover I got some extra fabric.


Assembling the suitcase table

Assembling the tables proved a little difficult when you are on your own. I do not have a saw and living in a rental, I do not really have to opportunity to cut the sheet of wood to size, I ordered it a bit smaller than the suitcases. It takes a bit more time to measure the suitcases and centre the sheets. But it made it possible to build them with some sort of stability. The wood sheet is placed inside the compartment. You can place the suitcases on the sheet with the legs directly screwed on the plywood. But, I wanted to give the illusion that the suitcase is directly placed on the legs. I measured and predrilled the wholes. So, screwing the legs suitcase and plywood together was easier as I could make sure everything is in place and exactly put together as I wanted.

  When screwing everything together, I recommend help. With the bigger suitcase, I asked my husband to hold the legs up, while I put the screws in. This way, I was able to hold up the sheet of plywood while putting the screws in.

Then I started covering the inner compartment of the suitcase with some fabric and cut 2 sheets of cardboard per suitcase to size, covering them with the fabric as well. One sheet of cardboard I glued to the lid of the suitcase to create a stable surface to use as a table. I used the second sheet to cover up the plywood sheet inside.


All in all, I am so happy with my suitcase tables. They look cool and fit the style of my craft room perfectly. And best of all, they are multifunctional, so I can store my current projects and craft supplies in them, while everything looks put together and tidy, if guests are staying in this room.

What are your recent craft projects? Have you had a go at building furniture pieces yourselves? Let’s help each other getting some inspiration for craft ideas!

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