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Craft: How to make cute handmade button hearts

I remember the first time my fascination for buttons flared up.

It was my mum’s button jar that I would regularly open it to inspect the beautiful spare buttons collected over the years. Ever since I have a fascination with buttons. They are my favourite objects to craft with. One of my most done crafts is button hearts, which make a lovely wall or hanging decoration. They are cute and versatile and it will take only about 10 minutes to make one.


Button heart

What you need


Button heart material

How to make a buttonheart

There are many ways to wire up the buttons. The following is the most stable way in my experience as well as the most formable. Depending on the site of the base circle, you can form a multitude of shapes.

Cut the wire to about 2 ½ times the length of your preferred size of the heart and fold it in the middle.

With a 2 whole button put both ends through one whole from the back of the button. Then put the ends back from the front into the opposite hole and pull tight.

A 4 whole button offers more options. The following is the one I like the best. From the back of the button put the ends through the diagonally opposite 2 wholes. Then put the ends back from the front into the opposite hole and pull tight.

Repeat these steps for the entire length of the wire until about 2 cm of wire is left.

To connect both ends to a circle repeat the same steps of adding a button to the first button you put on a wire. Then I tie each end around the line and cut any bits standing away.

To form the heart, I bend the button circle to create two strands of buttons. While I fix one end, I push the other down to create a dip. Then I just pull the strands apart and form them to create a nice heart shape.

To hang your button heart, you can tie some ribbon or cord either in the middle or to each side of the dip.

I think it makes such a nice little gift for baby showers weddings, dinner invitation. Because you can use any button, these hearts are so customisable that you can make one that almost anyone will find nice.

What is your favourite button experience? What craft do you usually do with buttons?

If you created a button heart yourself, don’t forget your creation on Instagram with the hashtag #craftjournaler

Feel free to roam about and find more ideas on this blog. How about simple jewellery making?

Until I see you next time remember: Keep colourful and craft more :-)