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Polymer Clay: Tipps for Beginners


making earrings with polymer clay or fimo

It was when I started planning another jewellery craft that I got into working with polymer clay. I am nowhere near mastering to form botanical forms such as leaves, blossoms, and flowers, making my flower hoop earrings. For the time being, I will find other solutions to creating them; stay tuned for this craft. Nonetheless, having a big white block of Fimo, I started playing around creating different shapes and forms.

Working with polymer clay takes some patience. It is by no means sufficient to just roll it and cut it. The conditioning process is something you must take seriously if you don’t want your creations to crumble.  But when it’s done, the material is soft and mouldable. You will be able to experience how versatile this material can be.

Granted, what I created today is simplistic and does not even begin to display what you can do with polymer clay. But, it is a cute start to learn to handle the material and just get a start.

So here is what I made with polymer clay so far:

Earrings and Studs

The first time I played around with polymer clay, I used different colours and cookie cutters to cut forms. It was interesting to see how different coloured clays mix. I am most proud of the studs. They have this pretty marbled effect that came from just a few mixing motions. I folded and stretched the polymer clay bit only about two or three times and then cut a round shape which I baked and glued on some stud poles. People who saw me wearing them generally commented on how pretty the pattern looks.


Using the Extruder

Making polymer clay bows

Working with the extruder and forming shapes with perfectly shape strings of polymer clay was good fun. Making bows took me a couple of attempts. These are the best attempts, and they are not quite perfect yet.


Making Pretzels with polymer clay

Making pretzel shapes has been rather tricky. After all, you can’t really fling around the polymer clay like contestants in the Great British Bake Off do with the dough. In the end, I just twirled the 2 strands of the string about in the middle of the line. Then I fold the loose ends over towards the bow that was under the twirl.


Braided Polymer Clay String.

I saw braided Polymer clay hoops on Instagram. Frankly, I needed to try it myself. It proved to be trickier than I initially thought. Braiding polymer clay strings is nothing like braiding. I could have known that, but well, sometimes you must learn it the hard way. So, the first couple of times while braiding, the string got so thin that it broke. Eventually, I made it happen.  It took cautious and slow movement. But it worked!


What would you make with polymer clay if you had the chance? What are your recent (polymer clay) creations?

I am looking forward to reading your comments.

If you created a button necklace yourself, do not forget your creation on Instagram with the hashtag #craftjournaler

Feel free to roam about and find more ideas on this blog. How about some more earrings?

Until I see you next time remember: Keep colourful and craft more :-)